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5 Mistakes You Should Stop Committing With Your Money

It is a phrase, but very true: we learn from our mistakes. However, if you are almost in your thirties you have probably missed a lot in life, especially when it comes to money

However, it also has a load of equivalent learning. In that sense, it’s time to put into practice all that knowledge and take control of your finances, come on?

These are the 5 most common mistakes you should stop committing with your money!

Misuse of credit card

Misuse of credit card

If you still toil your credit card limit and lose control over your spending, it’s time to stop already. In addition to being throwing money away at high interest rates, you may end up in debt if you forget to pay the bill and stick with the dirty one.

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Borrow money

Borrow money

Did you tighten up on your salary and have no money left to pay your debts, having to turn to your parents? Start planning your budget right now by cutting spending and prioritizing your bills. What is the guarantee that you can always count on this extra income?

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Do not plan the budget

It’s always the same story, you buy, buy, buy and in the end you do not know where you spent so much your money and often ends up going red. Does your money just “run” like water from your hands? So this is a strong clue that you need to urgently organize and plan your budget. Put in a paper, spreadsheet, or app your income and expenses, with so many alternatives, there is no excuse!

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Not having an emergency fund

Not having an emergency fund

Ever thought that suddenly there might be an unexpected and you need to have extra money? This may even happen and the best of all is to prevent, for this is crucial to reserve a part of your salary for an emergency fund. Do you think a loan can save you? Yes you can, but even if it seems pessimistic, there is a possibility that the credit will not be approved and that the installments will not fit in your pocket.

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Ignore financial knowledge

Ignore financial knowledge

It’s okay for you not to like the chat when it comes to finance, but ignoring learning is a mistake, since money is in our daily lives and knowing how to use it wisely prepares us even more for possible contingencies.

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