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How to cash money from a credit card without commission

Issuance of credit cards – one of the most popular and popular types of banking services. However, like any other service, the bank provides borrowed funds with charging a certain percentage. In addition to the main purpose, cashless payment of purchases, you can cash out money from a credit card without a fee, if you follow certain rules.

Features of using cards

Features of using cards

A credit card is a banking product with an established limit for using a certain amount of bank funds and charging a fee. During a certain period, the bank makes it possible to use funds without interest accrual, provided that the amount borrowed from the bank is fully refunded before the expiry of the so-called grace period.

However, with regard to cash withdrawal from the card, the situation looks different: interest accrued starts from the first day of use, and when cash is withdrawn, a rather significant commission is charged from the account.

The size of the commission, as a rule, is set in the form of a certain percentage of the amount, or a withdrawal limit is set and a fixed fee is charged. In the latter case, cash withdrawal is particularly disadvantageous if the withdrawn amount is small.

Purpose of Credit Cards

Using a credit card to issue cash is an exceptional measure, since the main purpose of banking plastic is to carry out non-cash transactions.

The credit card is issued to the borrower to perform the following operations:

  • payment for goods in retail stores and services of various organizations;
  • communal payments;
  • mobile phone top-up;
  • Money transfers;
  • payment in online stores, other options for online payments.

Thus, when contacting a bank for issuing a credit card, it should be remembered that cash withdrawal is not included in the list of basic services of a financial organization.

However, the holder of this type of plastic can reduce the cost of withdrawal, or even do without additional fees, if you know how to cash a credit card without interest.

If you plan to withdraw borrowed funds in cash, the borrower must also be interested in the terms of cash withdrawal and the possibility of doing so without interest during the process of issuing a card.

Bank fees for cashing

Bank fees for cashing

Each credit institution has its own tariffs for this service. When choosing a credit issuing bank, you should find out what conditions are provided by different organizations:

Ways to withdraw without interest

Ways to withdraw without interest

Despite the restrictions associated with cash withdrawal, you can find the most convenient way to withdraw money from a credit card without a commission and bypass the requirements of the bank on quite legal grounds:

  1. Promotional offers. Very often, the borrower, receiving a credit card, will soon receive an SMS alert that during a certain period the bank allows you to withdraw cash in absolutely free of charge. 
  2. The use of special cards, such as “Corn”, “Beeline”, etc. Such plastic products provide quick replenishment through the user’s personal account, as well as the possibility of an interest-free transfer to other cards, using special sections designed to pay off the loan. Thanks to this feature, you can withdraw money from a credit card without interest during the grace period. Among other things, you can use various bonuses provided by the bank when performing operations (accrual of bonus points, miles, etc.)
  3. For some credit cards, there is a possibility of withdrawing funds through an ATM or terminal under the replenishment scheme using the MCC 4814 telecommunication code.
  4. Even within the same bank, you can withdraw from a credit card, without paying the required percentage for it, using your personal Internet office or mobile application. An example of this method of withdrawal from a credit card to a debit plastic or an electronic wallet is Tinkoff Internet banking. The condition for an interest-free withdrawal will be a transfer size of no more than 500 rubles.
  5. The use of money transfer systems such as Contact, Unistream and others. You can withdraw money from the card through a transfer, using electronic wallets, and cash is received in the branches of payment systems. It should be careful – for the transfer of funds by the payment system may be charged fees for services performed.

Additional withdrawal methods

Less popular, but also provide benefits in the form of getting rid of interest are a few more options:

  1. Purchase gift cards of various partners of the credit organization. This can be done in large retail chains, and then transfer money to debit plastic using a regular transfer. Such offers were especially popular in the Russian Standard. The main difficulty is to find a point of sale of such gift cards among retail outlets, excluding purchases at the bank itself.
  2. The use of electronic currency exchangers is also infrequent, but the option is quite feasible and leads to savings in interest on withdrawals. Using the exchanger, you need to be prepared for the additional commission of the exchanger itself. Electronic currency is acquired by borrowing funds from plastic, while some services provide a good discount for cash withdrawals and for large amounts.

The simplest cashing schemes

The return of the amount spent on the purchase in the store is the easiest way, which does not require special knowledge in the use of e-wallets, Internet banking, etc. Anyone who has paid for the credit card in the store and then decided to return the goods can use it. The amount spent for an expensive purchase, return from the cash or the details specified by the buyer.

A similar scheme is applicable for online payment services with further cancellation (for example, booking a hotel if the conditions allow for a free cancellation).

There are difficulties in the implementation of this scheme. Sometimes the seller may refuse to accept the return request due to the nature of the product, expiration date, return period, etc.

Despite the difficulties in settling the issue of return, this method allows you not only to receive cash on the payment amount, but also to receive additional income in the form of bonuses and cashback. It is especially beneficial to pay for the goods with a further return, if the operation was performed during the increased cashback in a particular area. For example, you can pay for booking a hotel during the promotion period with a high cashback, and then cancel. As a result, you can earn on the accrual of additional interest and return the money on the debit account details.

Another simplest option is cashless payment for services or goods for third parties with a further return in the form of cash from those in whose interests the payment was made. The simplest example is the purchase of any product in a retail store or on the Internet and handing it over to the customer for cash. Some agree to pay for several persons cellular services, television, the Internet, utilities, etc.

Both of the above schemes require mandatory compliance with important conditions:

  • the presence of a connected grace period;
  • repayment of the used loan before the end of the grace period.

Cash withdrawal is often associated with the use of virtual wallets, the use of electronic payment systems. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to cash money from a credit card using a scheme with a withdrawal through payment systems.

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